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Personal Life Track Record

Speedentity's Personal Life Track Record service was specially designed to record and note users’ movements (including dates and times), the people with they come into contact with, addresses and places they visit. Such information may prove vital in cases of emergency.

The Personal Life Track Record service is a specific container of information regarding the past and future histories of the users, allowing them to record any information that may be useful in determining their location, rescue and protection, as well as the identification of people with whom they have been or were expected to have been in contact with.

This important service allows determinant traces to be left in cases of disappearance, kidnapping, accident or inability to communicate. It is therefore important to take advantage of this valuable service and make sure to note details of every movement carefully.The Guardian Angel, having access to this information as and when necessary, can activate the search and rescue procedure immediately.

Speedentity recommends that a user combines the services of Guardian Angel, Personal Life Track Record and Personal Surveillance in order to have a greater synergy between these undoubtedly valuable security services.

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