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Personal Surveillance

Speedentity’s Personal Surveillance service is a virtual surveillance system that is activated, managed and customised by the users. It allows the users to set the rules for having their safety supervised at any time, anywhere in the world, thus helping them to feel protected whilst at the same time keeping the level of privacy they may desire.

The Personal Surveillance service allows Speedentity users to set the frequency of requests and the deadline of the ‘request for presence’ sent by Speedentity.

The request for presence is an automatic message that is sent to the users by Speedentity and to which they must respond within a given amount of time. If users do not respond within the given time-frame and/or a specific number of requests for presence, Speedentity will automatically activate the Guardian Angel by sending a warning message first and then allowing access to the users profile. The Guardian Angel may then, by starting the search, make an important contribution to a Speedentity user’s rescue.

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