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Guardian Angel

In addition to the personal Contact Alarm service, Speedentity has created a special service called Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel is a key figure for a user’s security, because they represent an ’active protection’ for each user.

The Guardian Angel is a reliable person appointed by a user from among their protection community. If the Guardian Angel is activated, they will be the only one to have immediate and full access to the user’s Rescue Page enabling them to get important information about the user’s movements and location, and hence assist the rescuers by sending relevant documents and information to them, and also alerting the rest of the user’s protection community as necessary.

The Guardian Angel can be alerted by entering the users’ SUN (Speedentity Universal Number) but can also be activated autonomously if users do not respond to requests of presence from the Speedentity Personal Surveillance service. In either case, the Guardian Angel immediately receives a warning message and can then speedily accesses all the information of the Speedentity users they watch over.

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