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Health Information

In the case of sudden hospitalisation or accident, the Health Information service provides a secure source of information and consultation for our safety and protection.

The Health Information service contains detailed information about personal and health data as provided by the users for their own protection and safety.

The Health Information contains medical data, such as: health insurance, blood type, diseases, allergies, special requirements, medication needed, clinical courses, rare diseases, etc.

As part of the Health Information, users can also scan and upload a variety of documents such as medical records, radiographs, passport of allergies, list of medications to take or avoided, etc.

Through the SUN (Speedentity Universal Number), a particular unique universal number that every user will receive on joining Speedentity, any responder can quickly access, via the Internet, the users Rescue Page containing, the About Me information, Health Information, the Contact Alarm information, among others.

Speedentity users can decide themselves what information they want to make available in cases of emergency.

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