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What is Speedentity

Speedentity is the first internet-based community of alert and personal protection for adults, children, the elderly and pets. It gives you the ability to create your profile so that in any situation of emergency or danger, at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world, your chosen community will be alerted and will be able to respond quickly in taking charge of your protection and support. Reliable and fast, the Speedentity community you can trust and rely on in times of need, provides you with the protection you were looking for and that you always wanted.    

How Speedentity functions

Speedentity strives for your protection! On signing up, each member of the Speedentity community is assigned a particular unique universal number known as the SUN (Speedentity Universal Number). The Sun enables Speedentity members to be identifiable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world via the internet. In cases of emergency, by simply entering the SUN on the Speedentity website, rescuers can quickly access/provide relevant information on the identity, health status and contact phone numbers of the user thus helping to facilitate their prompt rescue.    
The SUN is visible on a user’s Speedentity Card or on other customisable items such as wristbands, plastic tags, that can help with identification.     
Furthermore, the user can upload (and thereby always have at their disposal) copies of their identity documents, addresses and contacts for their legal and medical protection, as well as copies of travel programmes, airline tickets and hotel reservations.  But the services offered by Speedentity do not stop there, in fact, the user can use a combination of the following services: Guardian Angel, Life Track Record and Personal Surveillance, all of which are an active protection to be used in cases of emergency.      
Moreover, with GPS Tracking (another service provided by Speedentity), you can also trace your "movements" live leaving a clear positioning of yourself and a path of your movements in a completely automatic way. This service is activated in the Speedentity App and you can also decide how often you want Speedentity to publish this information on the social network of your choice and in your user Admin Area. You can additionally trace up to 5 selected people from your community and allow yourself to be traced by up to 5 other selected users.

Why Speedentity

By joining Speedentity each user has the possibility to create his own protection community at a global level by enlisting reliable, trustworthy people. Speedentity is the only internet-based global solution of personal protection for adults, children, the elderly and pets and has been created specifically to meet the new needs of protection and security. In an increasingly globalised world where the dangers are rife, contingencies multiply and uncertainties increase, Speedentity represents the new frontier of alert and security that everyone needs. So check out how many possibilities for protection Speedentity has designed for you. Rely confidently on its services and activate your personal community of global protection today!
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