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Total Protection

Internet-based, the Speedentity Total Protection service is your ultimate global service of alert and personal protection that leaves nothing to chance!

Through the SUN (Speedentity Universal Number - see under the chapter “How Speedentity functions”), each responder can quickly access on our website the users Rescue Page containing:
• personal data
• contact phone numbers of people belonging to their protection community
• access relevant detailed information including health status
as made available by the users for their protection and security in cases of emergency.

Moreover, through an additional password, the rescuers can access other pages relating to the Speedentity users containing:
• Identification Information
• Defence Information
• Data Storage
• Guardian Angel
• Personal Life Track Record
• Personal GPS Tracking
• Personal Surveillance

The Speedentity users can decide themselves what information they want to make available in cases of emergency; it is therefore important that the users make available sufficient information to facilitate and accelerate their rescue and identification.
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