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Basic Protection

In emergency situations, wherever you are in the world at any time of day or night and in any language, it is important to always be able to be recognized quickly and without errors.

An accident, an illness, an urgent hospitalization, a theft of documents or an arrest are situations that can happen to anyone and it is important to always be able to exhibit our personal data at any time.

The Basic Protection gives the possibility to the Speedentity users to made available these information to those who enter their SUN (Speedentity Universal Number), in case of emergency. The Basic Protection allows to identify the users quickly and safely.

The Basic Protection contains, among others, the following information:

•  Name and surname
•  Address
•  Nationality
•  Date of birth
•  Picture
•  Health Information
•  5 Contact phone numbers

The purpose of the Basic Protection is to quickly inform the rescue community about the identity of the Speedentity users in case of emergency.
It is therefore important that the users make available sufficient information to facilitate and accelerate their rescue and identification.

The users can decide freely which are the Information that  they want to make available in case of emergency and can, at any time, change or modify these Information according to the situation they are living (for example, they can increase them choosing the TOTAL PROTECTION services)

By entering the SUN, all the information are displayed into the users Rescue Page for a quick alert of the Speedentity protection community.
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